Engineering Capabilities:

  • Capable of Manufacturing Hypoid/Spiral Bevel and Zerol Bevel Gears cut on Gleason and Oerlikon Systems
  • Straight Bevel Gear generation capability on Coniflex Bevel Generators.
  • Transmission Gears are processed by Hobbing, Gear Shaping , Shaving and Spline Rolling.
  • Axle Shafts are processed by Hobbing and Induction Hardening.
  • Design capability of Hypoid and Spiral Bevel Gears using support of software with Gleason & Oerlikon.
  • Design capability of new ratios of Hypoid. Differential and Transmission Gears and also rationalized/upgrade of existing customers products. We are in a position to offer Design and Development service for Crown Wheel Pinion and Differential Gears.

Heat Treatment :

Heat treatment installation includes:
  • Continuous  Gas Carbursing Furnace
  •  Sealed Quench Furnaces
  • Gas Carbursing Furnaces
  •  Rotary Hearth Furnaces
  •  Tempering Furnaces
  •  Manganese Phosphating Equipment
  •  Shot Blasting Equipments
  •  Straightening
  • Quench Presses
  • Shot Peening Equipment

Metallurgical Laboratory Facilities include:

  •  Full range of Hardness Testers
  • Jominy Apparatus
  •  Carbon – Sulphur Apparatus
  •  Microscope with camera and image analyzer
  •  Crack Detection Equipment [Magnaflux]

Metrology Capabilities:

 A fully equipped standards room including
  • CMM with Gear Analyser
  • Lead and profile Tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester for profile as well
  • Contouro Graph
  • Profile Projectors
  • Digital Temperature Calibrator
  • Wear Check Plug for Thread Ring Gauge Calibration