Who We Are


PBGL Quality Management System is certified to ISO/TS16949:2002 Standards and has fully implemented the standards throughout the business processes. This ensures PBGL providing high quality products and engineered solutions that more than meets the customer needs while continuing improvements and processes that meets future expectations.

PBGL has a very strong presence in overseas markets of Europe, America, Africa and Asia. PBGL maintains high standards of Quality in each gear that comes out of its production facility right from the metallurgical controls of the steel and forging to precision Gear cutting, Heat treatment and Finishing.

At PBGL, a dedicated team of Engineers in Design and Development is constantly involved in developing new products and upgrading existing range of products.

PBGL manufactures a wide range of Hypoid & Spiral Bevel Gears, Differential Gears, Parallel Axis Gears – Spur and Helical and Transmission Shafts. PBGL can offer world class Gleason and Oerlikon Systems of Hypoid Gear generation, Coniflex System of Straight Bevel Generation, Gear Hobbing, Spline Rolling, Gear Shaping and Gear Shaving.

PBGL’s professional team is constantly upgrading their knowledge in order to provide unmatched level of professional support to their customers. Through a regimen of continuous improvement, PBGL is in forefront of the industry with Quality and Cost Competitiveness. This has allowed PBGL to win and retain customers.

The process adopted in PBGL integrates the latest inspection techniques and equipments that allow them to provide products that will satisfy the most demanding requirements.